Thursday, November 12, 2015 23:11
  SCAM ALERT In the last 72 hours, I've received over twenty emails from aka SEO Domain Registration Company claiming my domain names are expiring. My domain name doesn't expire until next year August but in their email renewal notice it expires on December 3rd, 2015.  Matter of fact none of my 20 domain names they emailed me about expire anytime soon.   They also use a fake US Company Address that points to a Big Bite Bagel & Deli Restaurant. These guys behind this scam are pathetic, not only are they really STUPID but they also operate out of China according to the....Read More

I sold Two 4 Letter Dot Com’s To Test Market Value VS Expired 4 Letter Dot Com’s that sell on GoDaddy Auctions and Guess What?

Wednesday, November 11, 2015 20:47
Four Letter Domain Name Is it just me or have Y’all noticed the huge demand for Four Letter Dot Com’s at GoDaddy Auctions? If you haven’t noticed it, let me update you on the current market status when it comes to 4 Letter Dot Com’s.  Not only has demand increased for them but so has the value.  The four letter dot com sector has experienced a price hike never seen before by our industry and GoDaddy Auctions is raking in the MULA!!! Good for them! Go, GoDaddy! I’m not talking about Premium Four Letter Dot Com’s, I’m talking about below average valued four letter dot com’s.  A year or so ago I picked up two of them for twenty dollars each on the GoDaddy Expired Closeout Auction. So, I decided to ....Read More

Exclusive Interview with Shane Cultra aka

Wednesday, October 28, 2015 9:50 Shane thank you so much for accepting my Exclusive Interview request.  I’ve been reaching out to experienced Domainers and Bloggers in our industry to shed some light on how they operate. Domainers like yourself have had a huge impact on our industry in my opinion.  You publish weekly Domain Name Investment articles which is very time consuming but also rewarding for those who read it.  None of us have to share our experiences with the world but we do, because we care.  Because of Domain Name Investment blogs like, our industry has seen an increase in new investors. Matter of fact, because of my blog I met Michael Castello in Toronto, Ontario – Canada in 2012.   By 2014 I bro....Read More

GoDaddy Auctions + Rating & Review System = Happy Customers!

Friday, October 23, 2015 17:07
Domain Name Trading Earlier today I published my concerns online in regards to the bidding patterns that take place at GoDaddy Auctions. Joe Styler from responded with the following comment which I thought I share with everyone, well written.
Joe Styler I worked on the bidder verification project and can tell you we spent months analyzing years of data to find a way to balance tight fraud controls while still providing an open marketplace where real customers could interact on the auctions and buy domains they are interested in. Before the roll out of verification we had very low i.e. less than 1% of total auctions where there was suspicious activity resulting in non payment. After the roll out t....Read More