Domain Conferences Need to Compensate Speakers! Enough with the ABUSE!

Friday, March 4, 2016 10:41
domain name investment events Domain Conferences are popping up everywhere around the world. From Las Vegas to Dubai, everyone is jumping on the Cash Grab Wagon! Domaining events bring some positives to our industry but overall they’re making the organizers money! They charge a hefty price and pay absolutely nothing to the speakers. You gotta be out of your mind to think that Experienced Domainers will fly to your event and pay for all the expenses just to sit on a panel to talk to your customers!?! Do you take us for a fool? How the FUZZ will I make money at your event? Speakers have nothing to gain from your panels, are you freaking serious? Your organization has everything to gain from the panels, not us - we don't nee....Read More

A Look back to the year 2005, the year I joined!

Friday, February 19, 2016 16:29
  Dn Forum was the best place to join and learn about Domain Name Investments in 2005. It was also the year I met Adam Dicker in Richmond Hill, Ontario – Canada for dinner among a few other local Domainers. I was so excited to meet the guy, I dressed super sharp to impress. After all, Adam Dicker was the DOT COM KING in Toronto. A friend of mine who had got into Domaining back in 1997 mentioned that Adam Dicker use to be a cashier at the gas station down the street from where I grew up. Adam’s story was inspiring to me. I grew up as an International Refugee, relocating from one place to the next. Life was challenging and Adam Dicker’s rags to riches story inspired me to think outside of the box, mo....Read More

$41,501,000 investment for .SHOP? Are you serious? Why?

Thursday, January 28, 2016 16:39
GMO Registry Inc WOW! GMO Registry Inc is investing nearly $42 Million Dollars in .dot Shop. I bet you’re wondering the same thing I’m wondering! Why? Why in the world would you invest so much money in DOT SHOP? The Dot Crap Investment Scheme is blown out of proportion in my opinion. If I had this type of money, I would buy myself a seven figure dot com and compete at a Global scale. These guys need to get with the Domaining Game! DOT COM is the KING of the World Wide Web. Dot Com is a Global Brand, unlike the rest of the domain extensions on the world wide web – DOT COM’s generate Billion Dollar returns. I’ve been selling Dot Com’s to Small Businesses for over a decade. I just don’t see how .shop would be....Read More

Exclusive Interview with Michael Castello aka Castello Brothers!

Monday, December 7, 2015 8:18
  CCIN Michael Castello is CEO and President of Castello Cities Internet Network, Inc. CCIN owns, manages and develops some of the most recognized Geo and Generic domain name brands in the world including, and He is also the owner of which he and his wife Sheri Castello founded in 1997. Michael has spoken internationally at many conferences including TRAFFIC. He was inducted into the Targeted TRAFFIC Hall of Fame in 2009 and Geo Domain Hall of Fame 2010. Michael was on the Board of Director for both Associated Cities and Geo Publishers and has been an active member of ICANN’s Business Users Constituency since 2008 and previously a member of the DNSO since 2....Read More

Exclusive Interview with Richard Lau aka Co-Founder of

Friday, December 4, 2015 9:44 Richard Lau is the co-founder of NamesCon, and was awarded Domain Industry Hall of Fame status at The Domain Conference in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Richard was also honored in 2004 with the very first Domainer of the Year Award. Richard has generated millions of dollars in revenue in the Domaining Industry. He’s an expert in domain forensic background check and in the area of domain hijacking recovery. Described by his customers and colleagues as "a true professional", Richard is recognized for his integrity, creativity and tenacity. Richard Lau is a contributor to ICANN SSAC Domain Name Hijacking Report at and also an Executive Director of Read More