Domain Name Investing for Dummies – Do I need a Domain Name Broker?

Sunday, October 4, 2015 17:31
Domain Name Brokerage So you’ve decided to become a domain name investor but have no experience in negotiating with end users. Hiring a domain name broker could speed up your ROI (return on investment). The truth is, a domain name broker is a great investment! Domain Name Brokerage Commission ranges between 5-20% - but don’t be afraid. A domain name broker is experienced in domain name pricing and finding leads; the broker will help you set a reasonable reserve price that will make everyone money, trust me! In the blockbuster sale of, the owner already had a price in mind when I agreed to 10% commission. My only job as a domain name broker was to find a potential buyer within a one week timeline or the dom....Read More

Domain Name Investing for Dummies – The State of the End User Market

Thursday, October 1, 2015 17:26
Domain Name Investor This time around last year I was investing heavily on dot com’s that would fetch a small return on investment from marketing them to small business owners.  Unfortunately, I was not anticipating the domain name end user market to crash like it has this year.  From small businesses to Corporations to individual investors; no one is buying or investing in dot com domain names as much as they did last year and if they are investing they’re paying an amount that is far from what they would've paid in 2014. Even rare Dot Com Domain names that use to fetch seven figures easily a year ago are no longer that easy to sell even for six figures in 2015. From hundred-dollar dot com’s to million-dollar d....Read More

Domain Name Investment For Dummies – How To Protect Your Domain Names Value

Saturday, September 12, 2015 15:24
Domain Name Investment One of the worst things a Domain Name Investor could do is publish an asking price for their domain name on a public website. Far worst is asking a bunch of strangers to appraise your domain names value on a public message board. Often, I come across an indexed page on Google that devalues an expired dot com’s potential for profit – for this reason I avoid purchasing it. I’ve tried in the past to flip expired dot com’s that had potential to make a profit in the small business market, but due to damaging indexed pages on search engines “End Users” would point out that the domain name either was appraised below my asking price or was priced for far less on a public forum and for that re....Read More

Domain Name Investing 101 – The Difference Between Domainers and cybersquatters!

Saturday, August 22, 2015 16:32
cybersquatting The public has for many years labeled Domainers as cybersquatters due to the fact that they’re under the false pretense that Domainers register trademarked domain names or blackmail businesses to make a profit unethically. You would think by now the the general public would know the difference between a Domainer and a cybersquatter; unfortunately for us, they don’t have a clue!!! I experienced this again the other night when I tried to explain to someone how I make my money! They refused to accept that my line of work is honest. Our industry continues to get bombarded by prejudice individuals with absolutely no education in domain name investing. They publish inaccurate articles about ou....Read More