Question of the Day: How Much Does Toby Clements Owe to Domainers For Sold Domain Names?

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Question of the day raised by one of my readers is: How much does Toby Clements owe to Domainers?

I’ve been emailed by numerous people asking me why other Domain Name Bloggers haven’t covered this story. I honestly can’t answer for other Bloggers to why they haven’t tackled investigating the accusations against Toby Clements or why no one else is raising the Red Flag to protect the Domaining Community.

Toby Clements is a reputable member of the Domaining Community, I was very cautious on reporting such a story last month because sometimes people get angry and post slander against Domainers who did nothing wrong.

What got my attention was the following post on by member “redomainer” aka BILL

Originally Posted by redomainer (Click Here for the Source)

I’ve personally purchased a number of domains over the years that were listed on Toby Clements’ newsletter and never had an issue as a buyer. I’ve listed several quality domains with him and they didn’t sell, no big deal. Then early in 2014, I made an offer on a domain listed on the newsletter. We negotiated a bit and Toby told me we had a deal. When the deal didn’t come together, he claimed the seller reneged on the deal. I chalked it up to a seller that didn’t keep his word, but again, no big deal.

A couple of weeks later, I came across a different name on his newsletter, made an offer, and Toby said it was accepted. Mike Bowden, he works for Toby, sent the wiring instructions. Around February 21, 2014, I wired $3500 to Toby (I had done this several times in the past with no issues). I have yet to have the domain transferred to me. I e-mail Toby Clements and Mike Bowden about once a week. I’ve received a couple of e-mails referring to personal problems, will touch base with the seller, etc. About a week or two ago, I requested that the domain either be transferred to me or my money be refunded ASAP. No response and nearly no communication from either Toby or Mike. Earlier today I let them know that I’d have to begin legal action very soon.

I’ve been a fairly regular purchaser of domains from Toby, but Toby and Mike have lost any credibility with me and all trust. Given the lack of communication and no recent newsletters, my concern is my money has vanished. My recommendation is to avoid buying or selling via his newsletter, although I won’t be surprised if there’s never another newsletter. If anyone finds out what’s going on with Toby, please update the thread.


So according to Bill aka redomainer, not only did Toby Clements collect money for a domain name but has gone missing since the money was wired to him.

Brokering domain names and paying domain name owners months later is something Domainers need to avoid and that’s why in my Broker Agreement Contract I strictly enforce as the only method of payment!

Bill wired $3500 to Toby Clements and did not receive the domain name he was promised since February! That in my opinion needs an explanation.

Below is a quote from an email I received this morning:

Toby Clements better contact the Community ASAP or answer to the F.B.I.

So how much does Toby Clements owe to the Domaining Community? If you’re a victim, please post a comment or email me in private.

Until my next Domain Name News Article, Happy Domaining!