Domain Name Investment Questionnaire for Dummies

Domain Name Article

So you’ve decided to invest in domain names but lack the experience to know where to begin.

Finding End Users is hard work but it pays off if you commit to short term profit strategy. Long term investments are only profitable when you’re investing in a Premium Dot Com!  Buy low and Sell Low is what I’ve been writing about for the past two years.

Taking shortcuts to find a potential buyer will never payoff. Majority of domain names I’ve sold over the last decade have sold within the first 48 hours.  Simply because I did my homework before purchasing my next domain name aka DOT COM.

Buying emails or leads to bulk spam people and companies is unethical and a total flop strategy for selling domain names.

If you want to be a Winner in the Game of Domaining, then you need to ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Is my domain name a Dot Com?
  2. Is my domain name Trademark Free?
  3. Is my domain name Typo Free?
  4. Is my domain name non-adult?
  5. Is my domain name User Friendly?
  6. Is my domain name Aged?
  7. Is my domain name free of Dashes and Numbers?
  8. Is my domain name Profitable?
  9. Is my domain name under 12 Characters?
  10. Am I going to sell this domain name within the first 48 hours?

If you answered “YES” to all my questions, then you’re on the right track!

Be a Smart Domainer and do your homework before buying your next Domain Name.

End Users will buy a Dot Com over any other dotWhatever domain name because it makes them the King of their Domain!

Until my next Domain Name Investment Article, Happy Domaining!