Tech Stocks Are Dominated by Dot Com Domain Names

2014 Best Teck Stocks

2014 is looking to be another strong year for Dot Com Investors thanks to spectacular performances by Tech Stocks in the market. From,,,,,,,, to  Dot Com Domain Name Investors Rule the Stock Market! is up 57.6 percent for the year while online retail giant is up more than 60 percent. shares gained 92.4 percent and is up 53 percent! is up 117 percent while which went public is up 57.6 percent. is up more than 150% and is up 74 percent.

2014 is going to be a spectacular year for Dot Com Investors!


Until my next Domain Name Investment Article, Happy Domaining!

Article Name
Tech Stocks Are The Best Investments in The Market Thanks To Dot Com’s!
Dot Com Domain Names dominate the market! 2014 is going to be a spectacular year for Dot Com Investors!


  1. The type pf news that  thedomains .com and other New gTLD snake oil hypocritical salesman won’t dare to touch…
    “the inconvenient truth”.  

    In the USA 99.99 % of companies (large and small) advertise in TV using a DOT COM.

  2. Happy New Year bro and thank for sharing so much with us newbies … and above all thanks for your perspective .. for i have been to the refugies camps in Rwanda.. you know what i mean.


  3. I wonder how many gTLD sales are being tendered by gTLD registries trading cash with eachother for domain names to bolster gTLD values….. Some of these reported sales seem really fishy


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